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Bill of Material - TIW WorkShop

TIW WorkShop's BOM Module performs four major functions; bills of material, finished good configuration, material planning and item costing. WorkShop supports a broad range of bill types; add/delete, component, modular, variable, phantom, kit and alternate. The modular and variable bills allow products containing thousands of permutations to be compressed to just a few BOM structures. This greatly increases bill accuracy, drastically reduces bill maintenance, allows one part number to support many variations of a product, saves hard disk space and improves system response time. 

Bill of Material

In a Modular BOM each child record represents an option instead of a component. One of the listed options must be chosen when BOM requirements are calculated such as during the sales order configuration process. The variable bill is designed to allow the parent part to have a variable quantity based on its unit of measure.

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