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TIW manufacturing software

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TIW mfgLink

TIW now has a $295 manufacturing solution!!! Click here for more information about mfgLink.

TIW Workshop

TIW Workshop Factory Management System is a powerful, microcomputer based system designed for discrete manufacturers whose business is work order driven and would like many of the benefits of MRP without the associated cost and complexities. Workshop contains the software tools necessary to control the critical elements of a manufacturing facility.

Integration of TIW's Workshop manufacturing application with SBT's Accounting application produces an uncommonly powerful and feature-rich microcomputer based system. Process in Workshop is designed to operate in real-time instead of batch. Even scheduling and BOM explosions, which before took hours to do, are done in seconds or minutes in Workshop.

TIW Workshop

A Full Suite of Modules

All TIW Workshop modules are fully integrated for maximum efficiency and reliability. Select a module to view specific information:

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