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"Your training on GoldMine was excellent, a real eye opener and thought provoker."

— Phil Larmer Cable & Computer ConneXions

For more information on how GoldMine software can turn your contacts into sales, contact Dominance Software.


Empowering Teams... to manage Relationships... and automate Sales and Marketing.


GoldMine offers you a unified customer/prospect management solution that's simple to set up and easy to use, but flexible enough that you'll never outgrow it. GoldMine centralizes information and facilitates communication across your organization so that your sales team is working at maximum effectiveness, all the time.


Details on every prospect and customer are profiled in GoldMine, giving marketing teams the ability to know how and whom to contact at the core of both potential and existing business. GoldMine's Lead Analysis lets marketers know exactly what campaigns were effective and provides real-time, actual ROI from each program.


In today's competitive business environment, winning and retaining customers is a challenge. GoldMine meets that challenge for you and makes managing relationships simpler so that everyone in your organization is focused on keeping the customer happy. Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Customer Service can easily and quickly access information about a prospect or customer giving them the ability to directly address the needs specific to that contact. GoldMine is available in stand-alone and networked applications.


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