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SBT WebTrader delivers the forms and tools to record sales, process orders and collect additional customer information over the Internet. It supports secure transaction processing via encryption and adds records to the Pro Series database with no additional data entry.

WebTrader Features Include:

  • Includes easy-to-customize HTML templates for creating Internet Web pages and forms such as sales orders, leads, customer surveys, and product registration.
  • Supports optional secure transaction processing with RSA encryption software.
  • Converts email orders automatically to bids if Sales Orders is present.
  • Validates key fields captured in emails when Sales Orders and Inventory Control are present—including customer numbers, part numbers, and serial numbers
  • Adds a customer record automatically to the Pro Series customer database when a new customer enters an email, or from a sales lead.
  • Sends email confirmations to customers when converting email orders to bids or bids to orders, and/or when shipping orders when integrated with Pro Series 6.0.

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