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Sales Orders - SBT Pro Series

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SBT Pro Series System Manager is the control center for your SBT system. With System Manager, you can configure hardware and work - station settings, user security, and more.

sales orders

Sales Orders Features Include:

  • Prints sales orders, C.O.D. tags, picking lists, and extensive backlog reports.
  • Generates and maintains recurring sales orders, bid orders, and estimates.
  • Supports returns.
  • Enables you to change unshipped line items after a partial shipment is entered.
  • Creates orders from multiple inventory locations.
  • Units of measure enable you to sell items in different units of measure than you stock or purchase.
  • Commission tiers allow for tracking against sales quotas based upon predefined sales goals.
  • Commission calculations can be based upon salesperson or product line and calculated on orders shipped or paid as well as on flat sales amount or margins.
  • Commission calculations may be automatically adjusted for returned items.
  • Lets you enter drop - ship line items, create purchase orders for drop - shipments, and track status of all drop - ship orders.
  • Supports blanket orders with individual sales orders released against the master order.
  • Displays or prints 24 - month customer and 36 - month item sales histories, complete with drafts.
  • Allows up to 26 different pre - designated tax rates for different tax rate industries and Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Enables you to add new customers or inventory items during sales order entry.
  • Warns you when a customer's balance exceeds available credit during order entry.
  • Warns you when inventory balance is insufficient to ship from inventory.
  • Allows you to change prices on a line - by - line basis.
  • Automatically generates an invoice if Accounts Receivable is installed.


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