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Report Writer - SBT Pro Series

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SBT Pro Series Report Writer creates custom queries and reports fast and easy, without programming. Designed for all levels of user, Report Writer is extremely intuitive and allows you to create reports, labels and more.

report writer

Report Writer Features Include:

  • Create three types of reports:

Detail reports that display a line for each selected record.

Summary reports that summarize and calculate information for groups of selected records.

Cross-tab reports that show other relationships between two data items in a spreadsheet-like format (e.g. a sales report that shows total sales for salesmen by month).

  • Send results to printer, screen, or file. 
  • Create labels.
  • Use the current or history files or both. When both are used, duplicate records are removed automatically.
  • Create multiple company reports.
  • Display a record count for the report.
  • Ability to create reports from non-SBT data.
  • Includes utilities to customize the report template, modify report layouts and custom data sets, etc.
  • Security and access privileges are smoothly integrated with System Manager.


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