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Payroll - SBT Pro Series

SBT accounting software

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SBT Pro Series Payroll calculates and maintains payroll and labor distribution for hourly, salaried, commissioned, and per - unit employees


Payroll Features Include:

  • Calculates user - defined set of taxes for particular pay types, such as different expense categories or taxing authorities.
  • Distributes salary amounts and hours to different jobs, departments, GL accounts, or pay types (e.g., sick or holiday pay).
  • Allows grouping of taxes into tax territories to handle employees who work in more than one state during a pay period.
  • Comes with pre -defined tokens, tax formulas, and tables covering Federal and all State taxes that are user modified and can be automatically updated with SBT's tax subscription.
  • Allows for addition of user - defined taxes, tax formulas, tables, and tokens which can be merged with SBT's tax updates.
  • Handles Earned Income Credit as a negative tax for qualified employees.
  • Allows option to calculate taxes on the fly for verification during posting.
  • Reports Workers' Compensation premiums owed based on rates and wages/hours.
  • Allows unlimited deductions assigned to an employee and/or posting.
  • Allows unlimited number of taxes to be withheld from an employee's pay.
  • Allows employers to match employee deductions, such as 401(k) plans, based on a percentage.
  • Supports up to four bank accounts per employee for direct deposits.
  • Automatically posts sick and vacation expenses and liabilities to GL during payment processing.
  • Ensures secure transactions by automatically encrypting the file before transmission.

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