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Purchase Orders - SBT Pro Series

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SBT Pro Series Purchase Orders is a complete purchase order processing system for real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities.

purchase orders

Purchase Orders Features Include:

  • Supports blanket orders with individual purchase orders released against the master order.
  • Items can be designated to require inspection prior to receipt, with report tracking for items pending or failing receipt.
  • Generates recurring purchase orders, drop-ship orders, special bid orders, and estimates.
  • Choose to ship a purchase order to a different address, including a customer.
  • Tracks groups of items by lot numbers.
  • Supports inventory tracking of individual items according to serial number.
  • Unit of measure conversion enables you to purchase items in different units of measure than you stock or sell.
  • Allows you to receive partial drop shipment purchase orders.
  • Provides reports for inventory reordering, backorders, and purchase order status by item, vendor, and buyer.
  • Allows you to receive partial drop ship orders.
  • Displays or prints 24-month vendor purchase histories and vendor balances complete with graphs in Microsoft Excel.
  • Allows multiple suppliers for each inventory item.
  • Allows cancellation of open quantities after a receipt is entered.
  • New vendors and inventory items can be added while ordering.

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