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Multicurrency - SBT Pro Series

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SBT Pro Series Multicurrency provides a comprehensive means for maintaining various global currencies and exchange rates in your accounting system. Transactions throughout the system are translated from the currencies and exchange rates you define.

Multicurrency Features Include:

  • Master Currency List of world's major currencies - add any other currency to the system.
  • User - defined exchange rates.
  • Override default currency and exchange rate definitions at the transaction level.
  • Support for exchange rate fluctuations during the life of a transaction.
  • Freeze exchange rate support at the transaction level.
  • User - defined Exchange Rate update warning periods. System provides warnings if you use an old exchange rate, and allows you to override the warning.
  • Different Buy and Sell rate support.
  • Allows individual currencies to be specified at the customer and vendor level.
  • Currency maintenance and transactions are controlled by Pro Series' powerful privilege - based security system.

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