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Accounts Payable - SBT Pro Series

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SBT Pro Series Accounts Payable includes everything needed to manage your business expenses efficiently. Write checks and track credits, discounts, partial payments and recurring obligations. Vendor and payable inquiries are easily obtained. Accounts Payable also includes an extensive library of expense analysis reports.

accounts payable

Accounts Payable Features Include:

  • Calculates early payment discounts.
  • Allows unlimited partial payments on open invoices.
  • Permits user - defined periods for aging payables.
  • Records and tracks credit card purchases to both the credit card company and the vendor.
  • Permits payment priorities to facilitate payment.
  • Vendors may be placed on payment hold, purchase hold, or both.
  • Allows you to create invoices manually or match them up to purchase order receipts.
  • Lets you create pre - payments without creating an invoice.
  • Allows non - check payments of invoices, such as wire transfers.
  • Multiple remit to addresses.
  • Locates vendor records by pick lists or full or partial telephone numbers.
  • Built - in bank reconciliation options include sorting and filtering date and check ranges for easy and efficient reconciliation.
  • Flexible approve to pay feature lets you view just the invoices that meet your criteria (vendor, discount date, invoice date, etc.) and approve or unapprove, in part or in full, with just a click.
  • Separate 1099 Closing: Continue to enter AP payments after year - end close.
  • Option to include 1099's above a minimum dollar amount. Print 1099's for a previous year at any time. Capability to file 1099's electronically.
  • As of Aging reports provide the ability to specify a prior date for Aging reports, which produce the report as of that date.


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