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Work Order Module

Lahey manufacturing software

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Lahey Work Orders includes comprehensive work in process tracking, time-phased material requirement planning, and routing. Work Orders may be created by sales requirements, inventory shortages and inventory forecasts.

Lahey Work Order

Features Include:

  • Provides three explosion methods for total control of component allocation and usage.
  • Allows reversal of work orders.
  • Prints bills of materials containing up to 100 levels of parent and component parts.
  • Allows standard bill of material components to be changed on-the-fly after work order explosion.
  • Supports custom work orders from a standard bill of materials.
  • Maintains unlimited routes for shop floor control.
  • Tracks usage of stock and non-stock items, including labor, capacity and outside services.
  • Allows a single bill of materials to be used for many finished goods.
  • Prints individual exploded and indented work orders to help with stock.
  • pulls.
  • Provides an unlimited number of reporting calendars each with 13 user-defined periods for MRP reports.
  • Allows the revision level to be changed while entering work orders.
  • Automatically approves or closes a group of work orders in one step.

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