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Estimating and Quoting - COSS

The estimating process captures pertinent details to define the customer requirements and assist you to scope the bid. Estimating will provides you with a tool to define the processes, calculate the costs and track the communications with the customer.


Features Include:

  • Generate quotes efficiently with template quoting and copy and paste from other quotations or templates.
  • User defined calculators for materials assist in calculating the quantity and costs of required items while capturing all the dimensions and decisions used to achieve the results.
  • User defined calculators for operations assist in calculating times required on work - centers and according costs while capturing all the pertinent details.
  • Phantom scheduling provides estimated delivery date based on current operating schedule.
  • Estimate operations by using set-up time and run time using various time resolutions: hrs/hrs, hrs/min, hrs/sec, hrs/parts per hour.
  • Variable quote rates by operations allows the estimator to override defaults and fine tune particular processes.
  • Interfaces to Microsoft Word® for "official quotes" allowing user defined formatting and communication capability as provided by Microsoft Office® products.

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