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Data Collection and Bar Coding - COSS

COSS Data Collection generates quick and accurate information about jobs on the floor, delivered in real-time, providing manufacturing with costing, scheduling and customer service status information. This provides up-to-the-instant data that can be used to respond to customers and to improve performance at the core of your business.

Included with the data collection module, is a full fledged time and attendance package providing instant access to employee information. Time and attendance is designed to allow flex shifts, automatic downloads to the payroll module plus many human resource reports.

COSS Apollo Manufacturing MRP

Features Include:

  • Real-time updates of job status and job history including actual logged time.
  • Feeds into job costing, scheduling and time and attendance directly from the shop floor.
  • Generates the payroll hours of the floor and automatically downloads this information to internal payroll systems or external payroll services like Ceridian and ADP.
  • Employees can view pictures or drawings of parts or inventory on line while barcoding.
  • Shop floor routings with encoded bar codes including raw materials and operations provide the user with a reliable standard data collection format.
  • Machine times and costing can be calculated for machine that have the ability to run unattended.
  • Lot and serial control at the barcoding stations provides tracability of the heat number assigned to a particular job.

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