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citrix software

Citrix Solutions in Education

Citrix Systems offers application server software and services that enhance the learning process for students, educators and the community by providing a CORE curriculum:

 Connecting learning communities

 Optimizing the learning environment

 Reaching equity goals

 Ensuring enterprise-level performance

Citrix develops and markets software that enables Windows, UNIX and Java programs to run 100 percent on a central server. Through special network technology, users can view and work with these programs with the same performance and speed as if they were located on a high-end, multimedia desktop.

The value of Citrix includes:

  • Provide Digital Independence--extending the reach of any application to any user in any location.
  • Accelerate application deployment and performance independent of bandwidth.
  • Can be used on any client, over any connection.
  • Provide centralized management and the lowest total cost of application ownership.
  • Saves money by working with existing hardware and networks.
  • Provide the look, action and feel of applications running on the desktop. Enables IT departments do more with less by centralizing administration, training and support on the server.
  • New opportunities for faculty collaboration.
  • Better communication between departments.
  • Faster staff development through the use of computer-based teacher training.
  • More efficient technology.
  • training using remote “shadowing”.


Citrix makes it easier to meet school administration challenges

  • Centralize scheduling, attendance, reporting, facilities management and Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
  • Distribute programs and data to users with Citrix application publishing.
  • Simplify technology updates, maintenance.
  • Make new programs and data available faster.


Citrix solutions extend the learning process beyond classroom walls

  • Provide information resources to the home, community and beyond.
  • Enable the use of inexpensive and older client devices.
  • Provide fast access to a wealth of applications and information.
  • Encourage learning outside the classroom.
  • Deliver resources that stimulate curiosity and exploration.
  • Teach skills that promote independent study.


Citrix makes it easy to develop and implement customized educational plans

  • “Shadow” self-paced learning.
  • Develop individualized lesson plans.
  • Consult with colleagues and outside experts on students.


A Citrix Solution can provide equal access and a consistent experience to everyone

  • Improve the computer/student ratio.
  • Increase home computer use.
  • Make software available via a Web browser.
  • Equalize technology assets from one classroom to another, and among schools in a district.


Citrix allows students, parents and teachers to share information and interact with each other

  • Allow parents and teachers to communicate electronically.
  • Give working parents an alternative way to be involved in the school.
  • Enable parents to proactively obtain information about their children’s progress.

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