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System Manager - ACCPAC Small Business Series

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ACCPAC Small Business Series System Manager is the central module of your accounting system. The System Manager controls access to all ACCPAC Small Business Series accounting applications and information. It is the hub from which all the applications operate.

The System Manager contains tools to ensure data integrity and complete processing. It also manages multi-company support and integrates with Accounts Receivable, Accounts payable and ACCPAC Small Business Series Payroll to do everything from tracking checks and deposits and handling reversal of checks, to keeping an audit trail of all payments and deposits.

system manager

Features Include:

  • Tight integration with Windows products you use on a daily basis.
  • Create mail-merge letters in Microsoft Word.
  • Create analytical reports, graphs, and charts in Microsoft Excel.
  • Create Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with continually updated accounting information.
  • Allows set up fiscal calendars for 12 or 13 periods which are shared by all your company’s integrated accounting applications.
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