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Payroll - ACCPAC Small Business Series

ACCPAC Small Business Series Payroll’s flexibility is your key to absolute control over employee earnings and benefits, special payroll situations, and government reporting. Payroll handles all pay frequencies, multiple work states, and unlimited earnings, deductions, benefits, taxes
and other pay factors such as expense reimbursements, accruals and advances.


Features Include:

  • Use the local tax module’s flexibility to create and update local taxes as authorities change and broaden their jurisdictions.
  • Tailor your deductions and benefits to track and report cafeteria plans. 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 408(k)(6)s, 457s, 501(c)(18)(d)s, wage garnishments, wage advances, and IRAs.
  • Track cash and noncash benefits.
  • Choose from a wide variety of calculation methods to compute your employee benefits as well as earnings and deductions.
  • Post to cost centers by employee, by job, or even by a part of a job.
  • Process on your own schedule; processing is date-sensitive and not tied to pay periods with required openings and closings.

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