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ACCPAC Small Business Series

ACCPAC for Windows Small Business Series opens with an Explorer-type interface, with the modules and program sections on the left in a tree hierarchy and the functions and actions displayed as icons on the right. This makes the program very easy for people to navigate who are familiar with Windows 95/98/NT or 2000 screen conventions.

Each functional screen runs as a separate window with its own pull-down menu. These menus provide record navigation and maintenance tools, such as import/export, relevant to the function you are using. Field lookups are available and can be done using a variety of parameters at the user's discretion. Transaction entry, aided by tools like this and a keyboard - friendly screen, is very efficient and quick.

ACCPAC Small Business Series allows you to customize trans - action columns by either changing their order or by splitting the screen (much as you would split the screen on a spreadsheet program). You aren't tied to the arbitrary order of fields on - screen for your data entry. You can also import and export data to and from text as well as most common data formats (spreadsheet and database) using import/export menu options directly from within the transaction screen. ACCPAC Small Business Series will let you record, edit and play macros to automate certain functions, such as batch printing and processing. The macro tools can be activated from either the pull - down menu or the toolbar.

ACCPAC Small Business Series

ACCPAC comes with a substantial reporting library which has a great deal of depth on analysis and comparative reporting as well as edit reports, which are necessary for batch processing. Custom reporting can be achieved using third-party tools such as Crystal Reports. Online inquiry tools are also available for transactions, budgets and comparative amounts.

The ease of navigation combined with the features that add to the functionality of ACCPAC Small Business Series make it a very valuable tool. Within each module, you will find the functions and tools that most businesses require, from retail to small business manufacturing.

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