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System Manager - ACCPAC Corporate Series

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ACCPAC Corporate Series System Manager is the central module of your accounting system. The System Manager controls access to all ACCPAC Corporate Series accounting applications and information. It is the hub from which all the other applications operate.

The System Manager contains tools to ensure data integrity and complete processing. It also manages multi-company support.

system manager

Features Include:

  • Automate day-end processing or weekly reporting with ACCPAC Corporate Series macros. System Manager includes a "learn" mode allowing complex tasks to be easily automated using VBA or the ACCPAC Corporate Series powerful programming language.
  • Automate recurring General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable transactions with the scheduling and Reminder List capabilities of the System Manager.
  • Setup schedules to remind users when recurring transactions become due for processing and process directly from the Reminder List.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • True Bank Reconciliation
  • Set up security standards separately for each application; give users different permissions for different applications.
  • Customize your desktop. Organize tasks by business process and create your own startup group for ACCPAC for Windows products.
  • Share user, security and currency information among several company databases, or create separate system databases to support different security needs.
  • Adds an unlimited number of currencies and currency exchange rate tables.

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