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Intercompany Transactions - ACCPAC Corporate Series

ACCPAC Intercompany Transactions is a powerful product that creates and distributes intercompany transactions across multiple ACCPAC companies.

Intercompany Transactions lets you enter transactions that affect more than one company by automatically distributing transactions across two or more companies.

Features Include:

  • Process intercompany General Ledger journal entries and intercompany Accounts Payable invoices, debit notes, and credit notes.
  • Create an unlimited number of routes to define relationships between companies.
  • Define multilevel routes between companies with any number of intermediate companies between the company originating transactions and the ultimate destination company.
  • Automatically distribute invoices to as many general ledger accounts as you require by defining distribution sets.
  • Distribute transactions to companies with differing functional currencies.
  • Enter transaction references and descriptions to provide a detailed audit trail for reconciliation purposes.

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