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Accounts Payable - ACCPAC Corporate Series

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ACCPAC Corporate Series Accounts Payable helps manage your business’ cash flow with ease.

ACCPAC Corporate Series Accounts Payable provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process helping you save precious time and money. The Accounts Payable powerful library
of accounting and reporting features facilitates rapid entry of vendor invoices,
flexible cash disbursement and full check reconciliation.

accounts payable

Features Include:

  • Drill-down from General Ledger to Accounts Payable
  • Create an unlimited number of vendor groups for statistical and reporting purposes.
  • Create an unlimited number of remit-to locations for each vendor.
  • Drill down from General Ledger Transaction History to Accounts Payable transactions and then to originating Purchase Orders transactions.
  • Identify invoices by invoice number, purchase order number, or sales order number.
  • Maintain as many open batches of invoice, payment, and adjustment transactions as necessary.
  • Automatically distribute invoices to as many general ledger expense or asset accounts as you require by defining distribution sets.
  • Set up and schedule recurring payables for invoices that you pay on a regular basis.

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