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manufacturing software

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TIW manufacturing software

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TIW Workshop

TIW WorkShop is a manufacturing software application designed to help you manage your factory. The eight TIW modules, WorkShop, Order, Route, Machine, Schedule, BOM, Plan and Cost work seamlessly to provide a real-time ERP/MRP solution that your organization can rely on.

TIW manufacturing software delivers advanced technology, extreme reliability and proven service on which thousands of users worldwide have come to rely. 

Are you an order-driven small to mid size manufacturer looking for exceptionally fast ERP/MRP manufacturing software that includes an extensive range of features, carefully designed "extras", great technical support, in depth training, and at a price you can afford? Then take a closer look at TIW WorkShop!

There is simply not another manufacturing software package on the market that offers the scope and depth of features that TIW WorkShop does.

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COSS Apollo

COSS Systems develops high performance manufacturing software for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. 


COSS Apollo is designed for make-to-order, engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and mixed mode manufacturing. COSS provides a flexible and powerful manufacturing software package to assist your company to improve dataflow allowing for increased profitability, optimized use of resources and lower cost of growth. manufacturing software

COSS delivers full-featured manufacturing software and ERP solutions.

Integrated modules in the COSS system include: estimating & quoting, work order, process planning, advanced shop floor scheduling, material planning, job tracking & costing, scrap tracking, data collection & bar coding, time & attendance, utilization, human resources, preventative maintenance and many more.

COSS manufacturing software

COSS provides outstanding product depth and breadth with a superior price-performance ratio.

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Lahey Products

Lahey Products are a series of modules including Customer Service, Work Orders, Production Entry, Shop Control, Project Accounting and Warehouse Manager.manufacturing software

Lahey applications are built upon SBT Pro Series, so you will immediately recognize the familiar interface and can be confident that Lahey products adhere to SBT's programming standards. Written in Microsoft's award winning Visual Studio, the Lahey modules take advantage of this modern development platform and bring dramatically increased speed and control to your accounting software.Lahey manufacturing software

Lahey provides seamlessly integrated MRP, MRP II, ERP and e-ERP solutions. Lahey provides the foundation for real growth and the ideal technology to help organizations run more efficiently and service their customers effectively.

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