MRP and ERP - Material Requirements Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning

MRP - material requirements planning involves receiving the materials for a job so that they are available when needed for production.

Many companies use a minimum stocking level and establish reorder points to trigger orders and schedule materials for production. With reorder point planning, a triggering reorder level is established for each component item. This quantity is usually based on usage over some period of time, the lead-time it takes to receive the material, and a safety stock level to anticipate unexpected shifts in demand.

ERP - enterprise resource planning is built on the foundation that all business processes should rely on a single, integrated platform. It includes the standard financial modules as well as the manufacturing and customer service applications. ERP is deployed using integrated databases where key information is entered once and then made available to the supporting business functions.

Successful e-business strategies embrace the concept of integrated databases and extend the single platform principle beyond their internal file servers out to their web servers. This concept is known as e-ERP.

Technological advances in PC hardware and the availability of inexpensive PC-based software now make MRP and ERP systems affordable for virtually any sized company.



material requirements planning

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