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ACCPAC products are our specialty!!!

accpac corporate seriesACCPAC for Windows is more than just an accounting system. ACCPAC is a complete business management solution that helps companies of every size manage not only their finances, but also virtually every aspect of their business.

Today's accounting systems have become the focal point of modern business. Let Dominance Software Development show you how ACCPAC can turn your business management system into a competitive advantage -- paving the way for higher profits, enhanced productivity, and the ultimate in success.


The ACCPAC for Windows family of products includes Corporate Series, Small Business Series, and Discovery Series, three distinct product lines built from the same open, multi-tiered technology. Choose the business management system that's right for your business, regardless of size, industry, and functional requirements.

There is no wrong choice in the ACCPAC line, because it includes a comprehensive Investment Protection Plan that allows you to upgrade from one series to the next as your requirements grow. Data transfers are seamless and training time is minimal as you upgrade through the product lines.

ACCPAC for windows puts the power of information at your command, turning business-critical information into a competitive advantage. 

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