What is server-based computing?

Traditional mini- and mainframe computing deliver some of the same "centralized computing" benefits as server-based computing. The problem is that these types of machines weren't designed for the thousands of GUI-based Windows applications that are available today. Furthermore, users on these types of machines are familiar with the text-based interface and are typically slow to adopt new operating systems.metaframe

Also, many of today's new devices-like Windows-based terminals, PDAs, wireless tablets, and information appliances-are not compatible with the Windows-based, business-critical applications being used in the enterprise unless rewrites are performed.

With server-based computing, the latest Windows-based programs can be extended to these thin devices without application rewrites. This enables users to work in their preferred environments and still access the Windows-based applications they need to work successfully. Plus, organizations can reap the benefits resulting from reduced overhead, lower acquisition costs and fewer moving parts.

citrix metaframe

In addition, because the applications execute 100 percent on the server, and only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates are transmitted over the network between the server and client, Citrix software enables high application performance even over bandwidth-constrained connections as well as greater data security.

Citrix MetaFrame uses the ICA client, an industry standard that enables client devices of all types to shift application processing to the server with very low bandwidth requirements. PC's, MAC's UNIX and Linux workstations, Web browser-enabled devices, laptops, set top boxes, mobile handheld devices and other network appliances can be used transparently to access any application running on Windows 2000 Servers.

The server-based computing model employs three critical components. The first is a multi-user operating system that enables multiple concurrent users to log on and run applications in separate, protected sessions on a single server. The second is a highly efficient computing technology that separates the application's logic from its user interface, so only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates travel the network. As a result, application performance is bandwidth-independent. The third key component, centralized application and client management, enables large computing environments to overcome the critical application deployment challenges of management, access, performance and security.

citrix metaframe
Server-based computing is made possible by two Citrix technologies: Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICAŽ) and Citrix MultiWin. A de facto standard for server-based computing, the ICA protocol shifts application processing from the client device to the server. MultiWin, the technology licensed by Citrix to Microsoft to jointly create Terminal Server, enables multiple users to simultaneously access applications running on a server.


Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Servers empowers you with the end-to-end command and control that enterprise-class computing demands.


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