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MetaFrame technology enables organizations to provide access to server-based applications from a wide variety of client devices and platforms. 

Rapid delivery of business-critical applications across the extended enterprise, on the web and other networks, requires a robust, centralized application delivery and management capability.

In a Citrix environment, applications are installed, updated and maintained on central servers instead of each client; therefore cost and complexity of administration are significantly reduced. The Citrix model also enables rapid application deployment. 

citrix metaframe

In addition, because the applications execute 100 percent on the server, and only keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen updates are transmitted over the network between the server and client, Citrix software enables high application performance even over bandwidth-constrained connections as well as greater data security.

Citrix MetaFrame uses the ICA client, an industry standard that enables client devices of all types to shift application processing to the server with very low bandwidth requirements. PC's, MAC's UNIX and Linux workstations, Web browser-enabled devices, laptops, set top boxes, mobile handheld devices and other network appliances can be used transparently to access any application running on Windows 2000 Servers.

Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Servers empowers you with the end-to-end command and control that enterprise-class computing demands.

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