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The client works with web sites that have a link to a Citrix multi-user application server. Users must have an active TCP/IP connection to an Internet or Intranet Web server to use the Citrix ICA Web Client.

How do I get the client?
If you're using a browser that supports ActiveX, such as Internet Explorer 3.0/4.0, the ICA Web ActiveX Control download will initialize
after loading this page.

If you're using Netscape Navigator®/Communicator®, you'll haveto download the ICA Web Plug-in -- we have a 16-bit (Windows 3.x, Windows for
Workgroups) version, and a 32-bit (Windows 95, Windows NT®) version.
Click here to get the Netscape Plug-ins.

Be sure to check out our ICA Java Applet client. Just click on the 'Java Embed' entries in the left-hand sidebar under Excel, Powerpoint or Taxi. The ICA Java Applet will load automatically to your system.

Click here to get the full-featured Java ICA Client.

Handling Different Browsers
These embedded applications are now presented in the preferred manner to your Web browser through the use of JavaScript.
Go here to see how it's done.

Contact our Demo Room Support at for assistance with demonstration problems.